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Written by Jay Kinder
on December 28, 2017


In the eyes of real estate consumers, all real estate agents look the same from a distance.

It’s only upon closer inspection - of the who the agent is, what they represent, and what they can do for the consumer - that agents start to look different from each other.

In order for you to stand out from the competition in the eyes of sellers and buyers in your marketplace, you need to exemplify the Strategy of Preeminence in everything you do.

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Important: the strategy of preeminence has less to do with how many homes you sell, how much money you make, how much money you spend on your marketing and advertising and how big your team is and more on how all of those things work to get your clients the absolute best home-selling and/or buying experience while exceeding their goals in working with you.

In short, the Strategy of Preeminence is not all about “I want to sell you”, rather, it’s about “I want to serve you.”

That’s where the difference sits.

By focusing all of your energy and efforts on delivering massive value to your clients, you separate yourself from the pack and put yourself in position to sell more homes, which will generate a massive throng of satisfied clients that will sing your praises to everyone they know.

And while the Strategy of Preeminence is all about focusing on your clients, it start with you.

But first…

What is the Strategy of Preeminence?

According to the man who coined the phrase and one of my personal mentors, Jay Abraham, “Preeminence extols, advocates, champions the role of the team member and partner in service of prospects or customers. Its focus is on the receiver and their best interest.”

Abraham believes that the foundation for the Strategy of Preeminence starts with “A Keen Commitment To Empathy.” Empathy, as you know is the act of showing tremendous compassion, in a respectful manner, to how the other side of the transaction is feeling. It’s being willing to see the situation - their hopes, dreams and desires - from their eyes.

In their shoes, if you will.

Individual agents and teams that are truly preeminent communicate in everything they do and say, that they want to lead the customer to better returns, a bigger result, more happiness and larger profits.

When clients or prospects communicate with preeminent companies, they know their feelings are understood because they “hear” it in every communication with them: “I want to give you what you need, want and deserve.”

You must fall in love with your customer. If you can’t live to benefit and look out for your customers, you’ll never achieve preeminence.

In essence, if you want to achieve preeminence, you change your focus and strategy regarding whom you’re doing everything for and subordinate your needs to the needs of your customer.

Who You Must Be as a Person to Be Preeminent?

You just can’t wake up one day and say: “Hey, I care about you” and be seen as the dominant authority on meeting people’s real estate needs in your marketplace.

It requires that you embody certain attributes, a willingness to care, a specific set of skills and results to back up what you say you’re going to do for your customers:

  • Intention:
    • You must genuinely care for others
    • You must be transparent with prospects and customers at all turns
    • You must be open: open to giving feedback and getting it
  • Integrity
    • You must be honest - tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear
    • You must have a sense of fairness to all involved
    • You must be authentic in all your dealings with people
  • Capability
    • You must have strong skills - sales, negotiation and everything in between
    • You must be knowledgeable about the entire real estate process
    • You must have the requisite experience to get the job done very well
  • Results
    • You must have a sterling reputation as someone who gets solid results for their clients
    • You must have credibility with everyone with whom you deal
    • You must have a great track record of solid performance for your clients

Again, these aren’t things that just happen. You must possess all of these elements at a high level as a business person and an individual in order to demonstrate that you embrace the Strategy of Preeminence in all you do.

Being a Trusted Advisor

In the end, the Strategy of Preeminence positions you as the expert, as a trusted advisor who is sought after - in high demand - for not only who he is, but for what he can for customers.

The good news is that people WANT you to be the expert, so it’s in line with your prospects and customers desires.

As an expert and someone who truly cares about your clients’ well-being, you simply cannot allow that person to make a mistake. You want this for them because your success is dependent upon their success.

By putting your clients’ needs before your own, you’re well on your way to become the trusted advisor that people seek out for all their real estate needs.

Here are some other aspects of the Strategy of Preeminence that will help position you as the go-to real estate authority in your marketplace:

  • Look at all relationships as long-term opportunities and not for short-term gain: you’re looking to make friends, not just get clients
  • Be genuinely interested in your prospects and clients: if you’re in it for the money, you won’t be in it for long
  • Go beyond the surface “wants” of your clients: dig deep to find out what problem they are truly trying to solve
  • Say what you’ll do, do what you said you’d do: Nothing to say here
  • Connect emotionally with your clients: Not saying be emotional here, just connect on an emotional level with folks while being sincere at the same time
  • Be yourself: Yes, I said be authentic earlier, but I thought it was important enough to bear repeating

The Strategy of Preeminence is not hard to employ, but it does take work, commitment and consistency.

If you want to be preeminent, you must decide today that your life stands for something.

You must decide that your purpose is to add value to every person that comes into your life regardless of how brief it is, whether you can benefit from it or not.

Even if you don’t have (or think you have) the time to invest.

Above all else, preeminence means that you’re making the decision today that you are not going to wait for money to change hands before you start guiding, counseling, consulting, advising, and protecting your clients.

Decide to be preeminent today.

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